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Jersey 1.13 Released

July 13th, 2012

Last week we released Jersey 1.13 after the long 4+ months! Since the team is now fully focusing on Kraken Jersey 2.0 and JAX-RS 2.0 development, this is mostly a bug-fixing release. Anyway, we did manage to address a number of interesting issues. As for any other Jersey 1.x release, the list of changes can be found in changes.txt file in the root of our repository.

The main changes were around JSON handling – Michal, one of our new team-mates, got rid of our custom JSON stream reader and replaced it with a Jackson-based one to make our JSON-JAXB binding more robust. He also made some fixes and improvements to Jersey integration with MOXy JAXB implementation. We received a few external code contributions – from Edouard Chevalier (fixing the interaction of GZIP encoding filter with ETags) and from Atlassian – thank you guys! Finally, I ported the proxy client to Jersey 1.x. It is available in the Jersey 1.x svn repository under experimental/proxy-client (you won’t find it mentioned in changes.txt given it is an experimental module).

Jersey 1.9.1 Released

September 16th, 2011

Over the past two weeks, I’ve been working with Pavel on finalizing and staging the bits for the hands-on-lab on OAuth, we are going to do at this year’s JavaOne. As part of that, I had to make a few more clean-ups in the Jersey OAuth client library, so we decided to make a branch for 1.9.1 and make those clean-ups along with some other small fixes there. Now, 2 weeks after 1.9, we released it. This is the release we’ll be using for JavaOne and although the release cycle was so short, it does have two nice additions worth highlighting.

  • Un-/marshalling collection types
    Until 1.9.1, JAXB un-/marshalling in Jersey worked only for Collection and List interfaces. I.e. if your resource method returned (or took as a parameter) Collection<Foo> or List<Foo> (where Foo was a JAXB bean), de-/serialization from/to XML/JSON would work, but if it returned LinkedList<Foo> or Set<Foo> or any other Collection subtype, it would not work. This is fixed in 1.9.1 and you can now return and retrieve any well-known interfaces that extend Collection (such as Set, Queue, etc.) and their implementations which have default public constructor.
  • PostReplaceFilter improvements
    PostReplaceFilter can be used to support clients which can’t send the full range of HTTP methods. It enables converting POST requests to other methods such as PUT or DELETE. If a POST request comes with a different method specified in X-HTTP-Method-Override header, the filter will replace POST in the request with that specified method. This has been in Jersey for a while, but only supported method overriding using the X-HTTP-Method-Override header. In 1.9.1 you can now use “_method” query parameter as well, and when overriding POST to GET the filter will convert all the form parameters to query parameters. Whether both header and query parameter are looked at by the filter (or only the header or only the query parameter) is configurable. Thanks to gk5885Fredy Nagy and Florian Hars for sharing their views and patches.
You can see the full list of changes in our changelog. For more info on Jersey see