Jersey 1.13 Released

July 13th, 2012 by Martin Leave a reply »

Last week we released Jersey 1.13 after the long 4+ months! Since the team is now fully focusing on Kraken Jersey 2.0 and JAX-RS 2.0 development, this is mostly a bug-fixing release. Anyway, we did manage to address a number of interesting issues. As for any other Jersey 1.x release, the list of changes can be found in changes.txt file in the root of our repository.

The main changes were around JSON handling – Michal, one of our new team-mates, got rid of our custom JSON stream reader and replaced it with a Jackson-based one to make our JSON-JAXB binding more robust. He also made some fixes and improvements to Jersey integration with MOXy JAXB implementation. We received a few external code contributions – from Edouard Chevalier (fixing the interaction of GZIP encoding filter with ETags) and from Atlassian – thank you guys! Finally, I ported the proxy client to Jersey 1.x. It is available in the Jersey 1.x svn repository under experimental/proxy-client (you won’t find it mentioned in changes.txt given it is an experimental module).


  1. Gabriel Ferreira says:

    Great job with your proxy client! I’m very glad that you have written (and tested) it!!!

    Cheers from Brazil!

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