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Fork Jersey 2.x on GitHub

May 24th, 2012

While working full speed on Jersey 2.0, we are trying to be as transparent as possible. The JAX-RS itself is run in a transparent way – everybody can see the EG discussions by subscribing to or browsing the mailing list archives at With Jersey 2.0 we are trying to track everything in the public Jersey JIRA – just click on the Agile tab and switch to the current milestone to see the planned tasks and the progress we are making.

One thing we haven’t been able to open up (due to firewall restrictions) is our internal code review process. We are using Gerrit to review every commit that goes into the public repository. We have hooks set up for the internally hosted Hudson to kick in for each review request and automatically verify that the proposed commit does not break the build if approved. All works great, but unfortunately isn’t available for external checkins (all checkins have to go through the internal Gerrit Git repository and only Gerrit pushes the changes to once they are approved).

So, to make things more transparent and easier (and inviting) for potential external contributors, and people who want to keep an eye on what’s going on, I’ve been playing lately with making the Jersey 2.x sources available on GitHub as well. We’ve managed to set up a 3-way synchronization between GitHub, Gerrit and which turns the GitHub Jersey 2.x workspace mirror into the first class citizen. The recently announced BuildHive free service from CloudBees helped to supply the pull request verification, so we are now able to handle GitHub pull requests in a similar way to our internal Gerrit review requests. While we will most likely still continue using our internal set-up to do the internal code reviews (due to better performance and integration with internal tools), we are now able to handle external pull requests in a nice manner. So you are now free to follow and/or fork Jersey on GitHub and eventually submit patches as pull request. Here is the link:

Just remember, for us to be able to accept your contributions, you need to send in a signed OCA.